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Curious about a career in equine-assisted activities? While an extremely rewarding profession, navigating this niche and developing field can be quite complicated. I am always happy to share my experiences as a professional and set you on your own journey!

Credentialing and Education

What licensing or training courses should I invest in? There are many wonderful trainings offered through different organizations, but signing up for the appropriate one within your scope of practice is key!

Equine Philosophy

What makes a good therapy horse?

Discuss herd management, temperament, horsemanship, and specific therapy activities to understand the role the equine plays in your work.

Setting Yourself Apart

What populations do you want to serve and how do equine therapies address their needs? It is important to be intentional at this step.

Professional Distinctions

Equine-assisted learning vs. psychotherapy incorporating equines vs.! Clarify the nuances between services to ensure you have a clear picture of the career or service you wish to provide.

Starting a Private Practice

Getting a business started is no easy feat; let's make sure you have the logistics in place for billing, compliance, marketing, or insurance enrollment.


Partnering with other providers, organizations, or equestrian facilities can aid in the breadth of our services. Whereas, an inappropriate fit can lead to tension and burn out. 

equine pscyhotherapy

1 hour consultation video call                                  $135

Let's outline and address your specific goals so that you have the information needed to feel confident and prepared in whatever step of your career you are in. 
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